Purchase of forest properties

Purchase of forest properties

A&P Mets is buying forest properties throughout Estonia.

When purchasing a property we are not hindered by existing mortgages or environmental limits. In the same manner, the property may contain buildings or parts that are used as farmland. If you wish to only sell a part of a property, we can help finding a solution for that. We are prepared to carry out survey works and bear their costs.

If you need professional advice in forest management, then do not hesitate to ask us. Together we can find the best solution and make you a suitable offer!


Our first quote is usually compiled on the basis of existing inventory data, map data and information received from the owner. Thus any kind of additional information about the property is welcome. To present you the final offer an expert forest appraiser from our company will visit the property and perform field works to audit the actual condition of the forest.

Our company is a professional, experienced and safe business partner. We hope to receive your contact information and all of your questions will be answered! We will review all selling offers and guarantee a feedback response to you.

Our work process after you have sent us your sale offer.

  1. 01 We review your sale offer and get in contact with you.
  2. 02 Using map data, we calculate the initial price range and discuss it with you.
  3. 03 We perform field works on the property and present you with the final price offer.
  4. 04 We sign the notary transaction.

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