AS A&P Mets is company based on Estonian capital, founded in 1997. It began its activities in logging and management of forest properties. Thanks to a long working experience and a foundation based on domestic capital we have thorough knowledge of the Estonian forest industry and can offer you the best and most flexible solutions. We make prompt, well- thought- out decisions while keeping in mind the local circumstances.

During our years of activity we have continuously expanded and by today two subsidiary companies have been established: Sakala Põldur OÜ, which is engaged in agriculture, and AP Metsatööd OÜ, a forest improvement company.

A&P Mets is a logging company that belongs to Lemeks Group. The value adding chain of Lemeks Group starts from the planting of trees and their management and concludes with consumer products such as playgrounds, summer homes and garden houses. As a local brand, we add value to domestic timber and therefore help to increase local employment.

A&P Mets owns modern and high quality machines which help us manage the forest in an economic and environmentally friendly way. When carrying out work we obey the Estonian laws, established good practices and environmental standards. Our activities are certified by the FSC®.

We have Forest Stewardship Council® Supply Chain Group Certification FSC-C011434.